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Non-invasive Laser Spinal Treatment in the Goodyear Arizona area uses laser not to perform surgery on the spine, but to try to prevent surgery. And very often we are successful helping patients avoid surgery for spinal stenosis, slipped discs, sciatica and other painful conditions.   How do we do it? Well every patient is different so the exact protocols are developed based on a thorough examination and review of MRI, CT Scans and electromyography test results. But some of the tools we utilize are low level laser therapy that has been proven to help tissues heal faster and promotes normal nerve function.  Often we combine laser with acupuncture (pictured below) in a procedure we call “Red Needle Acupuncture  

Laser  Spinal Treatment Options

The Non-Surgical

Low  level laser unlike surgical laser does not burn or damage the tissues in anyway. In fact, study after study suggests that this type of laser can promote tissue healing and restore normal function to injured nerves  like the ones found in spinal stenosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bulging discs and sciatica. Before you consider a surgical  procedure you owe it to yourself to consider non-laser laser spine therapy. Calls us for a consultation  at 623.547.4727

Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy: There are two basic ways to decompress the nerves of the spine. Surgery, which we feel should be your last resort and non-invasive spinal decompression therapy. Very few of our patients require surgery. You owe it to yourself to lean more about modern non-surgical spinal nerve decompression therapy 623.547.4727

Best back exercises to prevent surgery: Any back rehabilitation program requires home exercises for maximum  benefit. The maneuvers shown in the video to the right are the ones we use as part of your non surgical spinal nerve decompression program.  Don’t consider surgery until you consul us about our spinal decompression therapy.

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